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   My professional home inspection includes more than 1,000 items inside and outside the home. I conduct a visual inspection of the following systems and components including:
      * Roofs and Attics
      * Gutters and Drainage
      * Structure and Foundation
      * Electrical systems
      * Plumbing systems
      * Basements and Crawl spaces
      * Walls, Floors, and Ceilings
      * Porches and Decks

I also inspect and operate:
      * Furnaces
      * Water heaters
      * Central Air Conditioning
      * Plumbing fixtures in Kitchens and Baths
      * Lights and Receptacles
      * Windows and Doors
      * Built in appliances

   All inspections are conducted to meet the stringent  Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics mandated by the National Association of Certified Home Inspectors.

                                                                 TYPES OF INSPECTIONS 
Buyer's (Pre Sale) Inspections
   I prefer the buyer be present for the inspection so that I can not only walk you through any defects or potential safety issues, but also to educate and inform you of how systems work and items in need of maintenance. You should feel comfortable and confident before making your purchase.

Seller's (Pre Listing) Inspections   
   Here are several excellent reasons to have a Pre Listing Inspection performed on your property:
      * Gives you an impartial, objective, "Inspector's eye" point of view.
      * Makes you aware of potential issues.
      * Price the home accordingly or make repairs before the sale (avoid renegotiation.) If you 
        decide to make repairs before placing your home on the market, I will return (free of charge)  
         to verify that repairs have been made in accordance with established practice.            
      * Substantiate a higher asking price.
      * Encourages the buyer to waive the inspection contingency.
      * Provides full Disclosure protection from future legal claims.

Commercial Inspections 
   Protect your investment! Call me to discuss habitability and plans for the property, scope and objectives of the inspection, and pricing. Together, we will put together a proposal that meets your needs. I specialize in multi unit properties and apartment complexes.

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